My story

The passion for furnishing, handmade and bright colors are the ingredients that gave life to the DRAGONFLY quilt collection, a breath of fresh air in the world of home textiles that sweeps away the monochromatic boredom of anonymous bedrooms without personality.

After almost 15 years of organizing congresses and events, I finally managed to find my world! I choose the designs and colors for the collections, I write contents, I take photos, some graphics, I manage the social company profiles, all things that give me great satisfaction. With Dragonfly I brought out my creative side that I always knew I had but never indulged.

Craftsmanship and slow fashion are the watchwords for a production that respects the times of traditional manual processes that I strongly wanted and that often lead me to face problems of a reality, the Indian one, full of contradictions: availability and radiance but also a lot discrimination and inequality.

A land rich in traditions and colors inspires the designs of the quilts created to give a boho and glam touch to the bedrooms of adults and children. Pink, that of the Pink City, Jaipur, is the color that returns most in the designs of the first collection born in March 2021. From this world made of bright colors, floral designs, exotic animals and tropical plants, the coordinates for the table and pajamas took shape.

Alessandra owner of DRAGONFLY - quilts & Co.